Positive Peer Pressure to Get In Shape

22 Oct 2017

What if the peer pressure was used in a good natured and positive way to get your group of friends to do fun challenges…Here’s an article from NerdFitness that resonated with us…. “Just beat Level 8!” “UGH, NOOOOOOOOOOO!” A few months back, a group of my friends and I engaged in a digital arms race. […]

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Are You A Norepinephrine junkie ? (even if you can’t pronounce it)

07 Oct 2017

If you’ve ever taken out a bad day at the office on the nearest treadmill, you know that working up a good sweat can easily turn your day around. And by now you’ve probably heard that endorphins are the magic bullet behind that post-workout bliss. People love the feeling so much that “endorphin junkie” has […]

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Can HIIT Give You the Same High as Running?

24 Sep 2017

The Path to Happy – There are many reasons you exercise, but none is more enticing than the buzzy bliss that comes from a satisfying sweat session. After all, mood-boosting endorphins — aka your body’s built-in pain killers — are one of the main sells of long runs. But is the so-called runner’s high exclusive […]

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Six Tops Tips For Sticking With It!

27 Aug 2017

Have you just signed up to Walkfit or set yourself a new challenge? Maybe you’ve announced it on social media too or joined a weight loss group. Often, a few days after you’ve begun your new regime, real life starts to get in the way. There’s a reality check in the shape of a tempting […]

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All Things Knees: Injury, Prevention & Treatment

02 Jul 2017

You don’t have to be an expert to know and agree that pain and injuries suck. I’ve had them, clients have them and chances are, you have had the odd injury too. And that’s okay because it’s life and nothing to be ashamed of! What’s not okay is living with pain to the point where […]

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25 ways to exercise WITHOUT realising it

25 Jun 2017

25 Ways to Exercise Without Realizing It I sat in the parking lot, absolutely terrified. My palms were sweaty, my heart was racing, my brain was going crazy.  After ten minutes, I finally mustered up my 20 seconds of courage, yelled at myself, got out of the car, and walked through the double doors. I […]

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Do you want ‘Glutes of Glory’

10 Jun 2017

Whether you want to be sexy or strong or sporty, a big butt is going to help you get there. As a New York City trainer to everyone from youth athletes to world-famous actors, let me assure you that these days, most of my clients want a big, round booty capped by some glorious glutes. This is […]

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Sally is a Jealous Mistress

21 May 2017

Revisiting The Bring Sally Up Challenge MensHealth test of the YouTube phenomenon that builds a core of steel in four weeks. It’s 2am and I’m at a friend’s house after a night out. A now very familiar song is queued up on my phone and I’m lying on the floor in a press-up position. My […]

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Life ain’t easy: train anyway

29 Apr 2017

Most of us spent a huge portion of our childhood being told to do things we didn’t want to do. We had to be told every day to get out of bed, get ready for school, eat our vegetables, do our homework, brush our teeth. And on it went on for years, until we finally […]

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How to move more and sit less in your day-to-day life

11 Apr 2017

You get a lot more from your [exercise] if you move a little all day – here’s how to do it. Sitting kills. We’ve heard the message – but recent studies suggest it’s not the whole truth. ‘Remaining in a fixed position for a long period is the health hazard,’ says chiropractor and physio AJ […]

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Why Commitment Is More Important Than Motivation

19 Mar 2017

When people find out I work with high performance athletes they invariably get round to asking me what it’s like to work with pro athletes. The perception is that it must be some sort of utopian world where every athlete rocks up with a spring in their step, ready to go hard in the gym. […]

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Carbs during workouts help immune system recovery

09 Mar 2017

Eating carbohydrates during intense exercise helps to minimize exercise-induced immune disturbances and can aid the body’s recovery, research has found. Dr Jonathan Peake and Dr Oliver Neubauer, from QUT’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, led a research review of studies about exercise and immunity. Dr Jonathan Peake and Dr Oliver Neubauer found carbs during […]

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