You’re the hero of your story too – Act like it. Like literally take the positive actual actions.

02 Jul 2017

Momentum is a curious thing.  It’s easier to keep going if you have it and hard to get going if you don’t but there’s a trick to changing momentum and that’s to … just start. The hardest hardest part is crossing the start line, so don’t make it a line, what line?  Just start, creates […]

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Want to Publicise Your Goal to Make It Stick – Think Again

23 May 2017

You know the theory, tell people your goal to up your commitment to getting it done.  That’s the rational thinking – if you’ve told others about it, now you really are locked-in to getting it done – right? Well not quite…there is a psychological aspect that the science indicates you are actually decreasing your chances […]

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Science Fitness – Friendly competition encourages us do better

23 Apr 2017

Hurray, the Science is with us – turn your fitness goal into a GauntletChallenge and may the force of friendly competition be with you to do better and have more fun. Results from a fitness study from the University of Pennsylvania were overwhelming clear…friendly competition was by far the most powerful motivator for people to […]

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A Coach to improve

21 Mar 2017

Guest Blog: James Dyson, Fubaratforty. For the first time in what is coming up to two years, I’ve got some structure to my training. I’ve always had an idea of what to do and have read every book you can possibly think of but having a coach put the plan together and to whom I ‘report back’ […]

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The Best Things In Life Are Free

26 Feb 2017

Money buys access to equipment, facilities, expertise and of course, it also buys some great gear to help us look the part but money is only the starting point to personal commitment. Spending money on something tends to mean we give it more energy, we are more likely to do more training to get our […]

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You are the cup

14 Jan 2017

A piece of advice that has stayed with me through my years of training comes from coach gordo “training is exactly like turning a Styrofoam cup inside out. So long as you take it slowly you’ll be able to do it. Try to rush things and – rip – you’ll tear the cup. You are […]

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2017 – Smash It with a GauntletChallenge

08 Jan 2017

Sceptics, pessimists and spectators move aside – GauntletChallenger coming through, having more fun and getting involved.  For their fitness/sports goal for 2017 they’ve pulled in a friend and together they are taking each other on in a GauntletChallenge. We do better together and yes, one will get to take away the bragging rights. GauntletChallenge is […]

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