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Your sports & fitness App to challenge your friends - to do better together.
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Looking for ways to make your exercise or sport more interesting and to do so at your own pace? Looking to increase your personal commitment? For an extra kick of motivation to start, stick with and smash your fitness goals, challenge your friends to a GauntletChallenge to harness the force of friendly competition and comradery between friends and have more fun along the way.

Why GauntletChallenge?
ACHIEVE more for yourself in your exercise and sport. Going after your fitness goals with friends, with the App you capture your goals and you all get that extra lift to your personal commitment and an extra source of interest – why not.
Who Challenges who?
ANYONE and EVERYONE. Friends, family, colleagues, rivals, pen pals, anyone and you don’t have to be of the same ability. Everyone gets involved.
What’s the Challenge?
ANYTHING. Whether you’re counting steps, running a marathon, doing bench press in the Gym or creating your own Freestyle challenge. You decide.
Where’s the Challenge?
ANYWHERE. Any location, competitors don’t have to participate at the same time or even the same place. Live in different cities, countries or different planets, it doesn’t matter.

Earn points for completing GauntletChallenges to progress your Member ranking. Take it at your own pace, it is entirely up to you what challenges you set or accept and the points you earn are based solely on what GauntletChallenges you complete.

The most difficult part is in the starting. Why not start with a GauntletChallenge from the ‘GC series’, or make your own from the list of activities or go completely ‘Freestyle’, here’s some examples for inspiration:

  • GC Series “#2: Run 5Km” – simply complete it or add a twist by setting yourselves a time to beat in the ‘Title’ of the GauntletChallenge.
  • GC Series “#4: Benchpress: lift 1 ton” – there’s no time limit, simply complete it or see how quick you can both do it. Then take on #4 one month later to beat your time.
  • Bike, select “Strava miles”, state the miles to be completed by a certain date and stick to it with your friend. We are not integrated with Strava yet to capture the progress automatically but you get the GauntletChallenge.
  • Freestyle, select “BringSallyUp Push-Up”, set the times you want to both complete in the ‘Title’ of the GauntletChallenge, for example ‘Go for 2min’ or will you go for the whole song?

Life’s too short to sit on the side-lines, do a GauntletChallenge with someone, anyone, get out there, be active, do better, have more fun. Simple.

So what's the big idea?

Today there are enormous improvements in medical science, lucky really because people are doing less, sitting down more and getting heavier. People understand the considerable benefits of exercise but the pace and convenience of modern life undermines our best of intentions.

The reaaally big idea is to improve our activity levels, get active, inspire others, improve performance AND to have more fun along the way. One GauntletChallenge at a time ☺

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