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The Fitness Social Network & Challenge App

When we do things together we do better and have more fun. However, with busy lives, variable weather, friends in different cities and using different activity trackers the odds are stacked against us to start and keep active... we’re fighting back. Our App helps people stay inspired to train and have fun doing it.

Gauntlet Challenge is the fitness social network to bring it all together, the social network where being active is celebrated and supported, the right social network to post your training updates (the awesome & the ugly), your questions, show off your new gear and share your next fitness challenge.

PLUS for a fitness goal to work towards with your friends, create and share fitness challenges. Whether you are in to Counting steps, Run, Bike, Gym, Row, Triathlon, Dance, doesn't matter, take on the GSeries or create your own Gauntlet. The most difficult part is starting…

Download and install Gauntlet Challenge today => invite your friends => for that extra spark of fitness motivation, inspiration and a whole lot more fun along the way.

Unleash Awesomeness

Start with a Gauntlet from the ‘GC series’, OR make your own from the list of activities OR go completely ‘Freestyle’, here’s some examples for inspiration:

  • GC Series “#2: Run 5Km” – there is no time limit, simply complete it or add a twist by setting yourselves a time to beat in the ‘Title’ of the Gauntlet.
  • GC Series “#4: Benchpress: lift 1 ton” – again there’s no time limit, simply complete it or see how quick you can both do it. Then take on #4 one month later to beat your time.
  • Bike, select “Strava miles”, state the miles to be completed by a certain date and stick to it with your friend. Note we are not integrated with Strava yet, so create your Gauntlet to inspire others that are not in the detail of Strava and post your updates.
  • Freestyle, select “BringSallyUp Push-Up”, set the time you want to get to in the ‘Title’ of the Gauntlet, for example ‘Go for 2min’ or will you go for the whole song?

So what's the big idea?

Today there are enormous improvements in medical science, lucky really because people are doing less, sitting down more and getting heavier. People understand the considerable benefits of exercise but the pace and convenience of modern life undermines our best of intentions.

The reaaally big idea is to improve our activity levels, get active, inspire others, improve performance AND to have more fun along the way. One GauntletChallenge at a time ☺

Unleash awesomeness