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What is GauntletChallenge

Are you looking for ways to make your exercise or sport more interesting and to do so at your own pace? Are you looking to increase your personal commitment? For an extra kick of motivation to start, stick with and smash your fitness goals, challenge your friends to a GauntletChallenge to harness the force of friendly competition and comradery between friends and have more fun along the way. Plus, there’s no winner or loser, you go at GauntletChallenge’s with your friends.

Whether you are in to Counting Steps, Run, Strava miles, Gym, Dance, Hop...or your friend lives in adifferent city, country or planet...or has different capabilities - it doesn't matter. You create the GauntletChallenge.

When we take on challenges with friends, we do better together.

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You’re the hero of your story too – Act like it. Like literally take the positive actual actions.

02 Jul 2017

Momentum is a curious thing.  It’s easier to keep going if you have it and hard to get going if you don’t but there’s a trick to changing momentum and that’s to … just start. The hardest hardest part is crossing the start line, so don’t make it a line, what line?  Just start, creates […]

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Are You A Norepinephrine junkie ? (even if you can’t pronounce it)

07 Oct 2017

If you’ve ever taken out a bad day at the office on the nearest treadmill, you know that working up a good sweat can easily turn your day around. And by now you’ve probably heard that endorphins are the magic bullet behind that post-workout bliss. People love the feeling so much that “endorphin junkie” has […]

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