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Gauntlet Challenge

Our App gives people fitness inspiration.

GauntletChallenge is the fitness social network for all your fitness training updates AND fitness challenges

You and your friends may have different preferred activity trackers: Apple Watch, Nike+, Garmin, Fitbit, Strava, Runkeeper... You may be in different cities, in different stages of your fitness journey or some friends may just have different fitness interests.

GauntletChallenge is the fitness social network to bring it all together, the social network where being active is celebrated and supported, the right social network to post your training updates (the awesome & the ugly), your questions, show off your new gear and share your next fitness challenge.

For a fitness goal to work towards with your friends, create and share fitness challenges. Whether you are in to Counting steps, Run, Bike, Gym, Row, Triathlon, Dance, doesn't matter, take on the GSeries or create your own Gauntlet.


Earn cryptotokens for being a contributing member - coming soon.

It’s simple, when we do things together we do better and have more fun. Download and install Gauntlet Challenge today => invite your friends => for that extra spark of fitness motivation, inspiration and a whole lot more fun along the way.

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App update – V2 coming to your local App Store in June 2018

20 May 2018

Bada bing bada boom – our goal is to simply help people be more active and have more fun from fitness. We think we can do this with an App by bringing people together for fitness in a way that is not quite available from other Apps. What’s the problem? People have their own preferred […]

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